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Digitally publish your comics through Comic Whirl's distribution service and your comics will be presented to an audience enthusiastic about Independent, Creator driven comics. You decide whether the content is immediately available, or scheduled, which allows you to optimize Comic Whirl as a part of your larger marketing strategy.

Get Paid

Creator payouts are driven by paid subscriptions by readers using Comic Whirl's service. These payouts are two fold: You'll receive quarterly licensing disbursements for your comics proportional to the views from subscribers they receive. Also, when a Creator fulfills the minimum quarterly content submission target, each Creator having met that goal will receive their fair portion of the "Creator Pool". This means that regardless of reader traffic, ALL Creators have the power to position themselves to be paid.

Retain Ownership

You own your work. Your content is licensed under a non-exclusive agreement. Publish your content wherever you choose, in any formats you choose outside of Comic Whirl, along with continuing to benefiting from teaming with us for your success.

Data Reporting

Documentation beats conversation. Comic Whirl provides tools empowering Creators to see how viewers consume your content, as well as other content they are interested in.

Multi-Platform Reading

Have internet, will read! Subscribers enjoy easy access to Comic Whirl's service via the internet. Our software is web-based and accessible from any modern browser. The presentation adjusts for the readers convenience by adapting to the size of the screen automatically.

Grow Readership

Comic Whirl exists to ignite readership growth within the Independent Comic Market. Your Market. With Comic Whirl your content will be accessible by each subscriber as soon as you publish.

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